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Policy & Guarantee



1. A $250 deposit is required to reserve your puppy. The order of selection of a given litter is based on the order in which deposits are received. 

2. We honor gender preferences. We consider color preferences, but the buyer must be willing to choose a second color that would be satisfactory. We cannot guarantee a specific marking, or specific patterns of markings. 

3. Deposits are refundable only if the desired gender/color request is unavailable in the litter you have reservation for. Should circumstances arise disallowing you to take a puppy on your reserved litter, and the above referenced requests have been met, your deposit will be applied to a future litter. 

4. Deposits are for the express purpose of reserving a puppy, and are not "an option" to purchase a puppy.

5. Pricing on puppies are litter specific, with puppies resulting from a frozen semen litter being more expensive, as our costs for such litters are much higher. Puppy prices will be clearly communicated prior to you sending a deposit. Contact us for prices



1. We do offer stud service by "live cover", and by "fresh chilled" semen. Cost for collection and shipment of "chilled semen" is the responsibility of the requesting owner of the female.  

2. Stud fees are by Private Treaty, and are due "in full" at time of breeding.

3. A negative brucellosis test is required for all breedings.





Our puppies receive a health check and a health certificate by a licensed veterinarian prior to leaving our care. We encourage all new owners to have another health check done, by their veterinarian, within 7 days of taking possession of their puppy.  We guarantee all puppies to be current on shots and dewormer prior to leaving for their new homes. We also guarantee all puppies, for two years, to be free of any genetic abnormalities that materially impact performance, including defects of the eyes, ears, elbows, hips, spine, and cardiovascular system. In the unlikely event your puppy suffers from one of these or any other genetic malady that materially impacts performance, we must be contacted immediately. Upon receipt of appropriate documentation by two licensed veterinarians, from two different clinics, detailing the genetic malady (accompanied by documented proof of proper immunization, proof of adherence to the prescribed heartworm regimen, and proof of a parasite control regimen), and written proof that the affected animal has been spayed, neutered, or euthanized, and upon confirmation of said documentation by our licensed veterinarian, we will replace the dog or return your original purchase price, at our option.

The Elhew Pointer has been carefully bred for performance for over 60+ years,  and issues impacting performance have been carefully and conscientiously avoided. We continue that same commitment in our breeding program. 





Should your female fail to conceive a litter, we will gladly apply your stud fee toward a re-visit with the same, or alternate  female. A negative brucellosis test is required prior to a re-visit with the same, or alternate female.

Stud Service



Stud Service

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