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"Another progress report on Gunner: he is now broke to shot, is finding downed birds - retrieving some of them. He is coming on command; and all of this progress at a very young age. I have never seen anything like it in my 40+ years of hunting bird dogs. Gunner is one smart pup, and has a tremendous future ahead of him. I am very lucky, and appreciate the opportunity to get such a nice dog."     

Charles Y. -Virginia

"Hunted Koal Friday, on "blues", through the same general area I took you. Three points, six birds total - shot three for her. Ran her in AKC event this weekend; she finshed second in Open Puppy, and first in Open Derby. She's done with her puppy points for AKC Field Champion at 10 months old. She is doing excellent, and mostly all on her own."

Scott H. - Colorado

"Piper is developing into a phenomenal grouse dog, she shines on woodcock but is so impressive on grouse that I almost forget how well she does on woodcock.  She can handle a running grouse better than any dog I have had the pleasure to spend time in the woods with.  She is awesome at finding downed birds, including those that end up in a grassy, wet swamp, I have not lost a single downed bird with her this fall." 

Mike S. - Wisconsin 

"Thought you'd like an update on Jenny. Over the past month in particular she has blossomed into a fantastic grouse dog. Rarely misses or bumps a bird. Never crowds - just amazing to watch the transformation."

Jeff K. - Michigan

"Sending a picture of Blaze after winning the New England Bird Dog Club Derby in NH, this weekend. He ran a great trial with, I believe, 5 finds. Stood through the shot on all his finds, in very tough conditions: it was raining "cats and dogs" when he ran. Very proud of our boy. I absolutely love this dog. I would clone him if I could!"

Walter C. - NY

"Lou is in a league of her own; so athletic and aggressive. Consistently checks in when hunting terrain that challenges keeping track. Probably my favorite dog to hunt behind in the kennel right now. Fast, aggressive, holds, retrieves, and all with class. I'd take a kennel full just like her." 

Josh A. - Arkansas

I have to tell you, I just finished hunting grouse for two weeks in Maine and after the first day the puppy (6 months old) I got from you was the go-to dog; out producing my 4 year old, experienced dog. She worked to the front, often held point for minutes, didn't crowd birds, found downed birds like a much older dog. She had 4 solid finds in 30 minutes on the last day, with shootable flushes. Really the best performance out of any pup this age I've ever seen, trained, or owned. You need to see her perform - I think I should be trialing this dog."

Kevin S. - Virginia

Thought you might like some feedback on one of Zorro x Bailey pups. Zoee is proving to be an outstanding bird dog and family member. She currently has pointed nearly 120 woodcock, and with a week to go in the season will undoubtedly have the highest single season total of any dog I've owned. She checks off all of the boxes: drive, brains, biddability, gait, and style. She is a real sweetheart in the house as well. Going to need another pup from this line in a couple of years. Keep it up! 

Troy L. - Pennsylvania

Tim, I have to say, this dog is just doing fantastic. I am super pleased with him and can't thank you enough. He has great conformation and has all the natural ability you could ask for. Working him on pheasant today and he is holding his birds, and nearly completely steady to wing and shot. He is so smart, almost too smart. Thank you again for this pup. 

Chad E. - Wisconsin

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