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Encore Pointers

Elhew Pointers

Fine bird dogs for the discriminating sportsman. 

Dedicated to the preservation and continued improvement of the Elhew Pointer.   


We are a kennel focused on the preservation and continued improvement of the Elhew Pointer - the legendary strain of pointers developed by Robert G. "Bob" Wehle. Realizing that excellence is more a pursuit than a destination; in that pursuit we select only proven individuals: dogs that meet our performance and conformational standards for our pairings. These individuals must exhibit early natural ability, intelligence, desire, must be proficient on wild birds, and must display the conformational standards of the Elhew line of pointers. We subscribe to the belief that form and function are both necessary and complimentary qualities; both should be sought, and neither compromised. It is obvious that Bob Wehle, while ensuring performance standards were paramount, also appreciated and desired a beautiful pointer, one that met standards of type and conformation - this appreciation is manifested in the resulting product. We too believe a dog can be "easy on the eye": exhibiting beauty and form, while also meeting performance expectations. We breed selectively, and only with the aforementioned as our goal.      


We are avid ruffed grouse hunters and have enjoyed their pursuit for 40+ years. As such, our breeding program focuses on the evaluation, selection, and continued development of a great grouse dog. Although the ruffed grouse is our primary focus, we also enjoy an occasional trip west to hunt other species of North American upland birds. Our dogs are accomplished on Sharptail, Prairie Chicken, Blues, and of course, Ruffed Grouse. In our pursuit of those species, we also encounter and enjoy hunting, Pheasant, Huns, and the American Woodcock.    


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Tim Graley

36 Graley Meadows Lane   

Poca, WV 25159 

Tel: 304-421-4399

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